Speed Skating Canada


Our non-profit organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected by our members. Our policies and priorities are determined by the leadership and contributions of our amazing volunteers from all over the country.


Speed Skating Canada is responsible for the organization, coordination and administration of the sport of speed skating in Canada. Our non-profit organization is accountable to our members – the 13 provincial and territorial speed skating organizations (PTSOs) and our national team program – who are in turn accountable to their member speed skating clubs and all those who participate in our sport.


We work closely with our PTSOs (previously referred to as Branches) to coordinate and support the nationwide development of speed skating, from introductory experience to international excellence. Our PTSOs manage the delivery of programs and activities in their respective regions, helping develop skaters, coaches and officials on the ground. They also assist local clubs with the delivery of grassroots programming in communities across the country.

Bylaws, Procedures and Regulations


Speed Skating Canada is committed to building a unified sport system where every person involved with speed skating in Canada is connected to the sport’s governing body. We work in alignment with our members to ensure that we are all driving toward a common mission — to challenge and inspire Canada to thrive through the power of speed skating. Using this cooperative spirit, we will enable our participants to have a fulfilling and lasting journey with our sport and ensure that it continues to grow and thrive nationwide.

Membership Resources
Becoming a member of Speed Skating Canada provides access to a number of benefits:
  • To have access to insider services and information distributed by SSC directly to members
  • To support our sport’s ongoing commitment to providing a safe environment for all participants
  • To be included in a group that strives toward the relentless pursuit of excellence and the continued growth of speed skating in Canada
  • To have access to SSC programs and initiatives such as coaching and officials training
  • To participate in educational clinics, events and workshops offered exclusively to SSC members
  • To be eligible to participate in SSC competitions, including Canada Cups and national championships
  • To gain access to exclusive member-only discounts or promotional opportunities offered by SSC sponsors

Speed Skating Canada’s membership categories define the different levels of skaters and supporters who are registered with an affiliated speed skating club and, by association, recognized by their Provincial and Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO).

Membership Fees



SSC Team Athlete: Annual membership for a skater who is selected to SSC’s National or NextGen Team. SSC Team Athlete memberships are only available at SSC’s invitation.

National Athlete: Annual membership for a skater who participates in Senior or Junior Canadian Championships, Canada Cups or the Canada Winter Games.

Provincial/Territorial Athlete: Annual membership for a skater who participates in the Canadian Youth Championships, provincial/territorial championships and/or inter-provincial/territorial competitions.

Club Athlete: Annual membership for a skater who participates in recreational and introductory programming (Learn to Skate programs, etc.) and/or participates in regional or club level competitions only.

Try Speed Skating: Event membership for a skater who only participates in a special event, such as, but not limited to, an open house, festival or school event.

Non Skaters

Coach: Annual membership for an individual who actively participates in the delivery of speed skating programs and/or competitions and identifies as In-training, Trained or Certified in an NCCP coaching context.

Official: Annual membership for an individual who actively participates in the delivery of speed skating competitions and/or events and has completed a minimum of Level 1 training in a provincial, territorial or national officials’ development program.

Volunteer: Annual membership for an individual who actively supports the delivery of activities and competitions for the betterment of speed skating in their community and beyond.

Alumni: Lifetime membership for former skaters, coaches and staff members of SSC’s high performance program (National, Development and/or NextGen Team).

Honorary Member: Lifetime membership for community members who have made long-standing contributions to the sport of speed skating in Canada. Honorary memberships are only available at SSC’s invitation.


Speed Skating Canada makes operational decisions in accordance with our bylaws and policies, which have been developed, reviewed and refined by the Board of Directors, in consultation with our members and professional staff.


Bylaws are the overall guiding principles of the organization, providing directives regarding the management and operations of Speed Skating Canada. They define the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and explain how they are elected, how they function during meetings and how they oversee day-to-day operations.


Policies are the operational guidelines for an organization and are used by the staff and Board of Directors as a reference tool for appropriate action, ethical decision making, and for dealing with potential or actual conflicts. Our organization has a variety of governance, operating and administrative policies in place.



Our organization holds an Annual General Meeting of the membership each spring. During the AGM, Speed Skating Canada’s Board of Directors and senior staff report on activities of the previous year and discuss the future direction of the organization. All matters related to policy are voted on and the election of the Board of Directors takes place.

137th Annual General Meeting

The 137th Annual General Meeting and Congress of Speed Skating Canada will be held at the Hotel Universel in Montreal from September 13-15, 2024. Additional details regarding event registration and schedule, will be shared with PTSOs in the coming weeks.

  • September 13, 2024: Congress
    September 14, 2024: Special Meeting of the Membership; Continuation of Congress
    September 15, 2024: Annual General Meeting

Call for Nominations

Speed Skating Canada is looking for dedicated individuals with diverse experiences, and dynamic and relevant skills, to take on a leadership role within the organization as part of its Board of Directors. Board Members will work collaboratively toward the continued growth and development of the organization according to its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, while strengthening partnerships across the Canadian speed skating community.

The following roles are expected to be available for election during the 2024 Annual General Meeting.

  • Director (3 positions, 3-year team)
  • Director (2 positions, 2-year term)

Please consult the Call for Nominations document for more information on responsibilities, eligibility and selection criteria. Persons interested in being considered for one of the available roles must complete the Nomination Form and submit a copy of their resumé or biography. The deadline for submitting nominations is August 5, 2024.


Delegates can access AGM and Congress resources here, including information packages, nomination forms, annual reports and minutes from .