High Performance Short Track Committee

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The high performance programs of SSC are governed by two committees formed by the national team coaches, SSC staff, athlete representatives and elected members.

The High Performance Short Track Committee has the responsibility to develop and implement program policies and guidelines related to the selection, support, training and competition programs of the national short track teams and the selection and preparation of world championship, Olympic and major games teams.


The high performance short track committee is designed to provide our elite athletes with the resources necessary to assist them achieve their performance potential and provide Canada with success in international competition.

High performance short track programs are delivered at two National Training Centres that are located in Calgary and Montreal. The programs are delivered through a partnership arrangement with a number of organizations that each have a unique role in supporting the development of our elite skaters.

In addition to the specific responsibility to train and develop our elite skaters the high performance short track committee also provides guidance and support to the various regional programs that underpin our National Training Centres.

Jennifer Cottin - Chair
Andrew Lahey
Ron Richards
François-Louis Tremblay

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