Sport Injury & Medical Emergency Committee (SIMEC)

Sport Injury and Medical Emergency Committee


Establish priorities and make recommendations to Speed Skating Canada (SSC) regarding the development and implementation of policies and procedures pertaining to sport injury and medical emergencies.


To lead and to act, enabling the speed skating community to effectively protect itself from and respond to injury.


In 2020, all of SSC’s stakeholders will view speed skating as a safety-conscious and safety-diligent sport. Injury rates will be low and serious injuries will be all but absent in Canada. SSC will be a recognized and influential international leader in effective injury prevention and response through multidisciplinary collaboration and a broad, systematic approach that is grounded in sound risk management practices as well as three-pillar sustainability.

Regular reviews and high-quality research will proactively ensure continuous improvement and use of best practices. Our injury prevention practices will be stage appropriate for all participants and will be based on evidence associated with probability of risk in each context. A comprehensive and reliable injury monitoring system will be in place across all stages of development and all levels of training and competition in Canada.SSC will enable its existing and new partners in the development of safe speed skating environments, in part through effective and timely knowledge transfer. Clubs and branches will be empowered to explore even higher standards.