Speed Skating Canada

February 21, 2023 – February 25, 2023

2023 Canada Winter Games


Prince Edward Island





Long Track, Short Track

Event Description

From February 18 to March 5, the 2023 Canada Winter Games will bring together 3,600 athletes, managers and coaches, across 20 different sports, to Prince Edward Island for the largest multi-sport event in the country.


The 2023 Canada Winter Games will feature both short track (in North Rustico) and long track (in Halifax). Keep scrolling to learn more about the event – including schedule, results and live streaming – and see which athletes are representing your province or territory.


Short Track

  • February 20: 500m Qualifications, 1500m Qualifications
  • February 21: 1500m Finals, Relay Qualifications
  • February 23: 500m Finals
  • February 24: 1000m Finals
  • February 25: 3000m Points Race Final, Relay Finals

The complete schedule can be found on the CWG website.


Long Track

  • February 21: 1500m
  • February 22: 500m, Team Pursuit
  • February 23: 3000m/5000m
  • February 24: 1000m, Mass Start

The complete schedule can be found on the CWG website.


Short Track

The full results can be found on the CWG website. Download the CWG Short Track Results Protocol.

  • Women’s 500m

    • 1st Émanuelle Leclerc (QC)
    • 2nd Kélian Quevillon (QC)
    • 3rd Courtney Charlong (NB)

    Men’s 500m

    • 1st Adam Law (ON)
    • 2nd Matthew Freitag (ON)
    • 3rd Samuel Darveau (QC)
  • Women’s 1000m

    • 1st Émanuelle Leclerc (QC)
    • 2nd Roselyne Pigeon (QC)
    • 3rd Kélian Quevillon (QC)

    Men’s 1000m

    • 1st Justin Bessette (QC)
    • 2nd Alexis Bélanger (QC)
    • 3rd Max Poulin (AB)

    Women’s 1500m

    • 1st Roselyne Pigeon (QC)
    • 2nd Aaralyn McGill (ON)
    • 3th Alice Vaillancourt (QC)

    Men’s 1500m

    • 1st Alexis Bélanger (QC)
    • 2nd Max Poulin (AB)
    • 3rd Samuel Darveau (QC)
  • Women’s 3000m Point Race

    • Kélian Quevillon (QC)
    • Émanuelle Leclerc (QC)
    • Aaralyn McGill (ON)

    Men’s 3000m Points Race

    • Alexis Bélanger (QC)
    • Gabriel Jones (QC)
    • Samuel Darveau (QC)

    Women’s 3000m Relay

    • Ontario
    • Quebec
    • New Brunswick

    Men’s 3000m Relay

    • Quebec
    • Ontario
    • Alberta

Long Track

Women’s 500m

  • 1st Sofia Bieber (MB) 0:42.25
  • 2nd Maya Lueders (AB) 0:42.76
  • 3rd Camille Tremblay (QC) 0:43.49

Men’s 500m

  • 1st Jalen Doan (AB) 0:36.88
  • 2nd Yankun Zhao (AB) 0:37.08
  • 3rd Zacharie Després (QC) 0:38.12

Women’s 1000m

  • Sofia Bieber (MB) 1:28.14
  • Cloé Jelonek (QC) 1:29.36
  • Maya Lueders (AB) 1:30.10

Men’s 1000m

  • Jalen Doan (AB) 1:17.53
  • Yankun Zhao (AB) 1:18.23
  • Luca Veeman (SK) 1:18.36

Women’s 1500m

  • 1st Isabelle Champagne (AB) 2:33.22
  • 2nd Manitoba Sofia Bieber (MB) 2:33.44
  • 3rd Serena Dallaire (SK) 2:37.43

Men’s 1500m

  • 1st Jalen Doan (AB) 1:57.76
  • 2nd Luca Veeman (SK) 1:58.49
  • 3rd Zacharie Després (QC) 2:00.03

Women’s 3000m

  • Isabelle Champagne (AB) 4:51.37
  • Rachel Mallard (ON) 4:59.15
  • Serena Dallaire (SK) 4:59.66

Men’s 5000m

  • Daniel Hall (AB) 7:15.31
  • Bon Lowe (SK) 7:27.31
  • Luca Veeman (SK) 7:33.97

Women’s Mass Start

  • Sofia Bieber (MB)
  • Emilie Greenfield (QC)
  • Isabelle Champagne (AB)

Men’s Mass Start

  • Luca Veeman (SK)
  • Jalen Doan (AB)
  • Zacharie Després (QC)

Women’s Team Pursuit

  • 1st Quebec 3:49.78
  • 2nd Manitoba 3:57.55
  • 3rd Alberta 3:58.47

Men’s Team Pursuit

  • Quebec 4:16.55
  • Saskatchewan 4:17.14
  • Alberta 4:19.31

The 2023 Canada Winter Games broadcast will feature over 1,200 hours of live event coverage and can be streamed for free on any device at CanadaGames.ca/watch. Viewers of the platform will also be able to enjoy plenty of on-demand content including archived events and daily recap videos.

In addition to this comprehensive coverage, more than 140 hours of live competition and events, including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, will stream live on CBC Sports and Radio-Canada Sports digital platforms. Canadians will be able to watch on the free CBC Gem streaming service, cbcsports.ca and the CBC Sports app for iOS and Android devices throughout the two weeks of the Games. They can also tune in at radio-canada.ca/sports and the Radio-Canada Info app for iOS and Android devices.

The full broadcast schedule, including CBC Sports and Radio-Canada Sports coverage, can be found online here.


Photos from the 2023 Canada Winter Games can be downloaded for free from PhotoShelter. These include action shots from each competition day, as well as photos from the medal ceremonies.



Short Track

Darby Beeson
Mikka Eaves
Elise Prpich
Lewis Spence
Prabhnoor Grewal
Max Poulin
Ryan St Rose
Cody Miller
Ahmed Sbeiti
Zakhary Adelman

Elizabeth Ward (Coach)
Ryan Hickman (Manager)

Long Track

Maya Lueders
Zoe Lueders
Isabelle Champagne
Tatiana de Vlieg
Yankun Zhao
Jalen Doan
Daniel Hall
Andre Erasmuz

Cristina Lazarescu (Coach)
Alison Desmarais (Coach)
Phil Riopel (Manager)


Short Track

Calla Haaheim
Charlotte Sernoski
Gabrielle Oetomo,
Kierana Laut
Nora Wagner
Erik Haaheim
Barnett Liu
Roanan Tien-Vidal
Ryan Bolton,
Paul-Philip Astor

Nicole Garrido (Coach)
Keven Fitzpatrick (Manager)

Long Track

Brooke Braun
Hannah North
Elizabeth Smith
Sidney Bennie
Jack Hanson
Matthew Mitchell
Kieran Hanson
Nick Guliov

Jennifer Gibson (Coach)
Adam Ingle (Manager)



Short Track

Aaron Riehl
Kai Peacock
Erik Kulbacki
Jakob Dainard
Adrian Lanoie
Jordan Campbell
Maya Kemp
Olivia Krawchuk
Rebecca Bieber
Antonia Villa

Anne Mushumanski (Coach)
Trent Simpson (Manager)

Long Track

Ryan Kulbacki
Ben Routledge
Ian McPeek
Adam Buchwald
Sofia Bieber
Skylar Van Horne
Lindsay Smart
Robyn Salie

Alex Mortiz (Coach)
Elizabeth Williamson Derraugh (Manager)


Short Track

Courtney Charlong
Hannah MacDougall
Angela Wasson
Mya Payne
Katie Bower
Jayson Lawson
Harrison Earle
Nathan Dochstader
Nathan Rioux
Emilio Carretero

Derrick MacLeod (Coach)
Mary MacLeod (Manager)

Long Track

Will Bower
Philippe Robitaille
Gregor Dunnett
Conor Wilson
Hejin Wang
Morgan Haslett
Allyson Lawson
Christine Adams

Jamie Beamish (Coach)
Scott Beamish (Manager)


Short Track

Noah Bolton

Sharon Karn (Coach)


Short Track

Julia Snelgrove
Myah Payne Landon
Jasmine Helfenstein
Sophie Kent-Purcell
Ella Arruda Kyriakidis
Maceo Arruda Kyrakidis
Eli Cowper
Ian Krill

Todd Landon (Coach)
Lauren Muzak Ruff (Coach)
Shannon Dallaire (Manager)

Long Track

Aoife Marshall
Julia Foran
Geneviève Robinson
Grace Sullivan
Findlay Tulloch
Garrison Woodford
Evan Ren
Caius Taggart-Cox

Jessica Telizyn (Coach)
Andrew Tulloch (Manager)


Short Track

Sage Acorn
Byran Clinton
Luke Dizon
Lochlan Dunn
Kaleb Picek
Maica McEachern
Rebecca Messier
Erika Pollard
Kali Skauge

Kerry Egan (Coach)
Madison Pilling (Coach)
Kevin Dunn (Manager)


Short Track

Akutaq Williamson Bathory
Justin Hooey
Miles Brewster

Martine Dupont (Coach)
Hayley Roberts (Coach)
Kyle St. Laurent (Manager)


Short Track

Aaralyn McGill
Andria Scarpelli
Sherise Gratton
Izabella Zakatsiolo
Yilin Liao
Adam Law
Matthew Freitag
Helios He
Marcelo Giansante
Charlie Cotton

Samantha Morrison (Coach)
Zach Hunt (Manager)

Long Track

Brielle Durham
Daria Vogt
Rachel Mallard
Hayley Murray
Stephan Lee
Alexander Giannotti
Connor Waters
Nate Sutherland

Julie Byers (Coach)
Mike Rivet (Manager)


Short Track

Jane Bruce
William Lyons
Addison Bruce
Zack O’Meara
Anderson Arseneau
Saul Grant

Sarah Taylor (Coach)
Mike O’Meara (Manager)

Long Track

Andrew Binns
Carter Bruce

Carolyn Jarock (Coach)
Rob Binns (Manager)


Short Track

Émanuelle Leclerc
Kélian Quevillon
Roselyne Pigeon
Alice Vaillancourt
Adélie Arvisais-Bacon
Alexis Bélanger
Samuel Darveau
Gabriel Jones
Mathieu Charest
Justin Bessette

Mélanie Gagnon (Coach)
Jonathan Perez-Audy (Manager)

Long Track

Cloé Jelonek
Émilie Greenfield
Camille Tremblay
Ariane Fournier
Zacharie Després
Antoine Hamel
Félix Larochelle
Raphaël Côté

Sébastien Beaulieu (Coach)
Joanie Gervais (Manager)


Short Track

Luca Veeman
Bon Lowe
Daniel Pauli
Fergus English
Serena Dallaire
Ella Cloutier
Melissa Scutchings
Sophia Dvorak

Tim Comfort (Coach)
Medbh English (Manager)

Long Track

Lambert Schwartzenberger
Mikko Veeman
Matthew Engel
Max Williams
Liam McKague
Sophia Hyrcuik
Cara Harms

Verna Kergan (Coach)
Liam Dallaire (Manager)


Short Track

Lucas Taggart-Cox
Lisa Freeman

Phil Hoffman (Coach)
Jody Cox (Manager)