Canada wins the bronze medal in men’s pursuit at world junior long track speed skating championships

Lucas Makowsky of Regina, Aaron Sadlier of Calgary and Matthew McLean of Winnipeg combined forces to win the bronze medal for Canada in the men’s pursuit on Sunday to conclude the world junior long track speed skating championships.

The Netherlands took the gold clocking three minutes and 56.27 seconds with South Korea second in 3:58.77 while the Canadians were third out of 16 entries in 3:59.16.

McLean, the older brother of Canadian national team diver Cam McLean, didn’t race the individual events this weekend and said he felt fresh and relaxed for the pursuit.

‘’Teamwork is the key to success in the pursuit,’’ said McLean, 19. ‘’We train together as a team in Calgary all the time and we have good chemistry. We were third at a test meet last week so we knew we had medal potential here. It’s a great way to end the competition.’’

The medal capped a strong performance this weekend for Makowsky who placed eighth overall after a ninth place finish in the 5,000-metre finale earlier Sunday.

‘’I’m very happy with that,’’ said Makowsky, 18, competing at his last world juniors. ‘’The 5,000 was pretty tough. I was really feeling the effects from my other races this weekend but I managed to fight through it.’’

Havard Bokko of Norway won the 5,000 and took the overall crown with 150.041 points with Wouter Olde Heuvel of the Netherlands second in the 5,000 and second overall at 152.475. Shingo Hashibami of Japan was third overall.

In women’s competition, the Dutch also won the pursuit in 3:09.11 with South Korea second in 3:09.24 and Japan third in 3:11.42. The Canadians with Nicole Garrido of Edmonton, Marie-Pier Gervais-Moreau of Cap-Rouge, Que., and Justine L’Heureux of St-Tite, Que., were sixth out of 11 in 3:16.84.

You-Lim Kim of South Korea, who won three of the four individual events, took the overall title with 162.759 points. Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic, Sunday’s 3,000 winner, was second at 162.817 and Ju-Youn Lee of South Korea third at 163.029.

L’Heureux was 14th, Garrido 16th and Kirsti Lay of Medicine Hat, Alta., 24th. The three Canadians were 16th, 18th and 24th respectively in the 3,000.

Sunday’s results at the long track speed skating world junior championships at Erfurt, Germany (all distances in metres);


5,000: 1. Havard Bokko, Norway, 6:30.53; 2. Wouter Olde Heuvel, Netherlands, 6:33.12; 3. Ted Jan Bloemen, Netherlands, 6:37.36; 9. Lucas Makowsky, Regina, 6:52.15.

Overall (final): 1. Bokko, 150.041 points; 2. Heuvel, 152.475; 3. Shingo Hashibami, Japan, 153.813; 8. Makowsky, 155.033.

Pursuit: 1. Netherlands, 3:56.27; 2. South Korea, 3:58.77; 3. Canada (Makowsky; Aaron Sadlier, Calgary; Matthew McLean, Winnipeg), 3:59.16.


3,000: 1. Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic, 4:08.26; 2. Stephanie Beckert, Germany, 4:11.86; 3. Foske Tamar van de Wal, Netherlands, 4:16.27; 16. Justine L’Heureux, St-Tite, Que., 4:25.11; 18. Nicole Garrido, Edmonton, 4:27.42; 24. Kirsti Lay, Medicine Hat, Alta., 4:38.33.

Overall (final): 1. You-Lim Kim, South Korea, 162.759 points; 2. Sablikova, 162.817; 3. Ju-Youn Lee, South Korea, 163.029; 14. L’Heureux, 167.518; 16. Garrido, 168.868; 24. Lay, 171.658.

Pursuit: 1. Netherlands, 3:09.11; 2. South Korea, 3:09.24; 3. Japan, 3:11.42; 6. Canada (Garrido; L’Heureux; Marie-Pier Gervais-Moreau, Cap-Rouge, Que.) 3:16.84.