Cindy Klassen of Winnipeg wins overall title at all around worlds in long track speed skating

Cindy Klassen of Winnipeg completed a golden sweep of all four races and broke her world points record to win the overall title on Sunday in a sensational performance at the world all around championships in long track speed skating.

Klassen, who won five medals at the Turin Olympics last month, totalled 154.580 points to eclipse the 157.177she compiled in January at the worlds qualifier at the Olympic Oval. She won each race by at least a one full second margin. Claudia Pechstein of Germany was second overall at 158.265 and double Olympic medallist Kristina Groves of Ottawa completed one of her best ever international performances in third at 158.295.

‘’It’s extra special to end the season this way,’’ said Klassen, who reclaims the world title she won in 2003. ‘’Skating here at home is really great and means a lot to me. The crowd was so supportive and so loud and that really pushed me this weekend.

‘’It’s been an awesome season and I couldn’t have done it without a great team. They’ve been so supportive. I also have an amazing coach (Neal Marshall) who knows the right programs for me and really inspires me. That’s made a big difference.’’

In the 1,500, Klassen neared her world record clocking 1:51.85 with Ireen Wust of the Netherlands second in 1:54.03 and Groves with her third medal of the competition in third in 1:54.54. Christine Nesbitt of London, Ont., was 10th.

In the 5,000 finale, Klassen made it four-for-four on the weekend clocking a Canadian record 6:48.97, the second fastest time ever. Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic was second at 6:50.45, Pechstein third at 6:51.11 and Groves fourth at 6:54.55.

‘’I put in two solid races,’’ said Klassen. ‘’It’s always hard going into the 5,000 but I didn’t drop-off like I normally do and held on until the end. So I was really happy with the whole race.’’

In men’s competition, Shani Davis of the U.S., broke the world record in the 1,500 en route to the overall title with 145.752 points. Sven Kramer of the Netherlands also smashed the world mark in the men’s 10,000 with a 12:51.60 clocking.

In the 1,500, Davis clocked 1:42.68 to break Chad Hedrick’s world mark. Hedrick was second in 1:42.85 and Denny Morrison of Fort St. John, B.C., won the bronze clocking a Canadian record 1:42.97. They were three fastest times in history.

Morrison added a 10th place in the 10,000 for fifth overall. The performances cap a breakthrough season for the 20-year-old.

‘’The 1,500 was wicked,’’ said Morrison. ‘’I was tired and I didn’t have too many expectations. But I followed the same basic plan that’s been successful for me all year. But 1:42 is certainly beyond my expectations.’’

Steven Elm of Red Deer was sixth in the 1,500, Justin Warsylewicz of Regina 14th and Arne Dankers of Calgary 16th.

Sunday’s results at the long track speed skating world all around championships in Calgary:


1,500: 1. Shani Davis, U.S., 1:42.68 (word record); 2. Chad Hedrick, U.S., 1:42.85; 3. Denny Morrison, Fort St. John, B.C., 1:42.97; 4. Enrico Fabris, Italy, 1:44.02; 5. Konrad NiedzWiedzki, Poland, 1:45.08; 6. Steven Elm, Calgary, 1:45.16; 7. Ivan Skobrev, Russia, 1:45.35; 8. Stefano Donagrandi, Italy, 1:45.52; 9. Eskil Ervik, Norway, 1:45.73; 10. Ippolito Sanfratello, Italy, 1:46.13; 14. Justin Warsylewicz, Regina, 1:46.84; 16. Arne Dankers, Calgary, 1:47.35.

10,000: 1. Sven Kramer, Netherlands, 12:51.60; 2. Oystein Grodum, Norway, 12:56.38; 3. Lasse Saetre, Norway, 12:56.85; 4. Ervik, 13:01.41; 5. Davis 13:05.94; 6. Fabris, 13:10.60; 7. Sanfratello, 13:26.91; 8. Havard Bokko, Norway, 13:29.42; 9. Sicco Janmaat, Netherlands, 13:29.55; 10. Morrison, 13:45.14.

Overall: 1. Davis, 145.742 points; 2. Fabris, 147.216; 3. Kramer, 148.107.; 4. Ervik, 148.552; 5. Morrison, 150.163; 6. Bokko, 150.369; 7. Sanfratello, 150.677; 8. Niedzwiedzki, 151.057; 9. Janmaat, 151.258; 10. Grodum, 151.708.


1,500: 1. Cindy Klassen, Winnipeg, 1:51.85; 2. Ireen Wust, Netherlands, 1:54.03; 3. Kristina Groves, Ottawa, 1:54.54; 4. Claudia Pechstein, Germany, 1:55.82; 5. Maki Tabata, Japan, 1:55.95; 6. Maren Haugli, Norway, 1:55.99; 7. Tessa Van Dijk, Netherlands, 1:56.47; 8. Fei Wang, China, 1:56.56; 9. Daniela Anschutz Thoms, Germany, 1:56.63; 10. Yekaterina Lobysheva, Russia, 1:56.75.

5,000: 1. Klassen, 6:48.97; 2. Martina Sablikova, Czech Republic, 6:50.45; 3. Pechstein, 6:51.11; 4. Groves, 6:54.55; 5. Haugli, 6:54.98; 6. Anschutz Thoms, 6:56.15; 7. Wust, 6:59.87; 8. Tabata, 7:00.09; 9. Dijk, 7:00.10; 10. Catherine Raney, U.S., 7:02.69.

Overall: 1. Klassen, 154.580; 2. Pechstein, 158.265; 3. Groves, 158.295; 4. Wust, 159.222; 5. Haugli, 160.157; 6. Anschutz Thoms, 160.374; 7. Tabata, 160.480; 8. Dijk, 160.928; 9. Sablikova, 161.252; 10. Wang, 162.081.