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Speed Skating Canada – World Cup Podium Tracker

Speed skating clubs in Canada say thank you!

During the 2011-12 World Cup and world championships season, Canadian long track and short track speed skaters achieved many podium finishes. Intact Insurance's Podium Tracker program allowed these world-class athletes to earn $1,000 for 50 speed skating clubs across Canada.

Speed skating clubs exist in every province and territory in Canada. Some clubs have hundreds of members, and others have fewer than 25. Regardless of size, every club faces financial challenges in delivering the best programs for developing skaters, while keeping club costs low in order to keep the sport of speed skating accessible to Canadian families.

This $1,000 is a great boost to those 50 Clubs in Canada. It will, in every club, allow skaters to get more or better training and racing. As branch (provincial and territories) presidents, we will make sure that every one of those clubs recognizes Intact's support for speed skating in a wide cross-section of Canadian speed skating clubs.

Thank you again. We very much appreciate Intact's support for our clubs and their skaters, whether they are future Olympians or others seeking only to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We encourage Intact Insurance to keep up this great program.


Jim Allison (BCSSA)
André Beaulieu (FPVQ)
Blair Carbert (AASSA)
Pam Dunbar (NWTASSA)
Wendy Francis (SSPEI)
Ray Harris (SSNB)
Laini Klassen (YASSA)
Steven Krueger (SASSA)
Troy Myers (SSNS)
John Maurice (NSS)
Caroline Slegers-Boyd (MSSA)
Graham Wilkins (OSSA)
Roger Zilkowsky (NLSSA)