Coaching Leadership Change at Speed Skating Canada

As of the 2020-21 season, Geert Kuiper will no longer be serving in the role of Technical Coach Advisor with Speed Skating Canada (SSC). He has been in this position since August 2018 and completed his contract as the recent competition year concluded.

The role of the Technical Coach Advisor is to serve as a guide and mentor to SSC’s team of High Performance coaches. As he is primarily based in the Netherlands, it was difficult to optimize Geert’s contributions to this role due to a lack of involvement in the daily training environment.

“We would like to thank Geert for the technical expertise, positive approach and friendly demeanor that he brought to the Canadian speed skating program over the past two seasons,” said Shawn Holman, Chief Sport Officer. “Geert has valuable coaching skills and experience to contribute to speed skating teams and we look forward to seeing him on the World Cup circuit in his next role within our sport.”

Speed Skating Canada is currently exploring alternative options, including the possibility of implementing Assistant Coach positions to directly influence performance in the daily training environment, that will ensure its strong team of coaches is well supported leading into the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games and beyond.