Dubreuil 500m champion, Hanly takes 1000m bronze at the World Junior Championships

Laurent Dubreuil 500-metre champion and Kate Hanly takes 1,000-metre bronze at the World Junior Championships

OBIHIRO, Japan – Laurent Dubreuil of Lévis, Que., was crowned today 500-metre champion and Calgary’s Kate Hanly took the bronze medal in the 1,000 metres at the Essent ISU World Junior Championships (official website) being held at the Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Oval in Obihiro, Japan.

The 500-metre world junior champion is determined by the cumulative of two races. Dubreuil won yesterday’s 500 metres and took first place again today in a time of 35.50 seconds. The 19-year-old, competing in his third World Junior Championship, had a combined time of 71.12 (35.62 and 35.50), which was 0.65 seconds better than silver medallist Tsubasas Hasegawa of Japan and 0.92 faster than Russian Pavel Kulizhnikov. Teammate Alexandre Déry of Lévis, Que., was 20th today in the 500 metres in a time of 38.76 seconds, for a final two-race rank of 20th (77.16 seconds; 38.40 and 38.76).

“It was good race. I had a excellent start,” said Dubreuil. “I slipped a bit in the first 25 metres, but I regained control and had a good lap. I was the last pair, so I watched all the races. In the last stretch I knew my time would be faster than everybody else.”

Eighteen-year-old Hanly, skating in her fourth world juniors, took the bronze medal in the 1,000 metres in a time of 1:18.82. Miho Takagi of Japan won the gold medal (1:17.69) and Karolina Erbanova of the Czech Republic was the silver medalist (1:18.14). Hanly was also 23rd (4:34.69) in the 3,000 metres, and ranked eighth in the final women’s all-round standings with 166.471 points.

Today’s races in Japan also included the women’s 3,000 metres and the men’s 1,500 and 5,000.

Audio (MP3) and photos: Dubreuil 1 (French), Dubreuil 2 (French), Dubreuil (English), Hanly (English after 500 metres), Hanly (English after all-rounds), François Déry (French). Photos by Arno Hoogveld are available now at SSC’s Facebook page.

Laurent Dubreuil also skated the 1,500 metres today finishing 13th in a time of one minute and 52.60 seconds. His younger brother, 17-year-old Daniel, was 30th (1:55.91), and Lévis, Que., brothers François and Alexandre Déry were 34th (1:56.58) and 43rd (1:58.51), respectively.

In the men’s 5,000-metre race, 19-year-old François Déry was 19th in a time of seven minutes and 1.94 seconds and Daniel Dubreuil was 23rd (7:11.97).

Heather McLean of Winnipeg was 17th in the 1,000 metres in a time of 1:21.99, and was 26th (4:40.75) in the 3,000 metres. The 19-year-old was 21st (172.429) in the final overall ranking.

Josie Spence, Kamloops, B.C., 23rd in the 1,000 metres in a time of 1:22.78, and was 10th (4:24.30) in the 3,000 metres. Spence, 18, was 15th (170.293) in the all-round standings.

Mèryem Labidi of Quebec City, had one race today and finished 32nd in the 1,000 metres in a time of 1:24.50.

The final men’s overall standings after four races placed Daniel Dubreuil 21st with 161.605 points and François Déry 22nd with 161.605.

The championship ends Sunday with the men’s 1,000 metres, the women’s second 500-metre race and the team pursuit.