Fast Ice at CWG Oval

Records fell left, right and center today as the Oval was tested for the first time at the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games. As many as 16 skaters broke combined CWG records in the Men’s 500m, Ladies 1000 and the Men’s 3000! Interviewed athletes are extremely pleased with the artificial ice surface. The general consensus is that it is very fast.

It was a very exciting day to start the events at the Oval. The men skated the 500m race twice and each time 5 skaters broke the Canada Games record. Set in Whitehorse with a time of 39.98, the new final and official record was broken by Laurent Dubreuil Que. with a time of 37.17.! The silver went to his team mate Antoine Gelinas-Beaulieu. This was an exceptional race for Antoine as he is better known for being a long distance skater. Both Dubreuil and Gelinas-Beaulieu competed in the Junior Worlds last season and are heading to this year's World Junior Championships next week. Benjamin Tam from Alberta took the bronze.

Continuing the men’s record breaking streak, the women today took the opportunity to smash another Game’s record. Kate Hanly from Alberta took the gold with a time of 1:23.98. Fellow team mate Jennessa Kemp finished second with a time of 1:25.35 and the bronze went to BC’s flag barer Victoria Spence (Tori). The Canada Games record set in 2003 was broken 5 times today. The old record was 1:28.83.

The first round of the women’s 100m ran as well today and while no records were set, 2011 Junior World team member Alexandra Ianculescu (Ontario) feels that she can go much faster. She missed the podium in the 1000m but is hungry to skate the 1500m tomorrow and continue with the next round of the 100m. Alexandra finished second today in the women’s preliminary round with a time of 11.30.