Giroux & SSC representatives meet in Montreal

Mathieu Giroux and Speed Skating Canada representatives meet in Montreal

– Olympic gold-medallist Mathieu Giroux met with Speed Skating Canada's president Marie-Claire Rouleau, Jean-François Monette, athletes' director on the SSC board, and Mark Mathies, SSC executive director of sport, on Wednesday in Montreal in the continued effort to outline a plan that would provide Mathieu with the appropriate national team program support while allowing him to maintain his unique academic requirements.

“This meeting with Mathieu was necessary for each of us, to give the opportunity for all to be aware of each other’s vision and also to take stock of the situation,” said Mathies, of the two-hour-plus discussion.

“Mark (Mathies) and members of the high performance committee have been speaking with Mathieu since last April to look for a solution,” added Rouleau. “We have the responsibility and will to find a solution together.”

“At this meeting, Speed Skating Canada representatives strongly demonstrated their understanding about my desire to combine my athletic and academic success,” said Giroux. “I also understand the obligations of the national team program and accept to work closely with my coaches and teammates, particularly in this pre-Olympic preparation year, as we prepare for continued success in Sochi.”

Dialogue and discussions will continue. The group will meet again next week to review that the proposed training schedule meets with SSC’s national team training expectations, and look at options that can assist Mathieu’s academic requirements at the University of Montreal.