Groves & Rempel once again on the podium at Changchun World Cup

On this last day of the ISU World Cup in Changchun, Kristina Groves (Ottawa, ON) finished second in the women’s 1000m with a time of 1:17.80, receiving her sixth medal this season. Shannon Rempel (Winnipeg, MB) ended up on the third step of the podium.

“I’m very happy with the race. I skated better than yesterday. This World Cup was the ideal place for me to work on certain aspects of my race in the 1000m. I’m happy with my overall results. My start was well executed. I’m not a pure sprinter, so my starts are not a natural thing for me. It was important for me to work on that aspect. Up to now, the season’s been great. But I need to keep improving if I want to reach my goals at the end of this season,” said Groves, speaking to the media after her race.

Also in the 1000m, speed skater Brittany Schussler (Winnipeg, MB) finished 6th whereas Tamara Oudenaarden (St. Albert, AB) finished 17th. In Division B, Danielle Wotherspoon (Red Deer, Alberta) finished 17th with a time of 1:21.68.

In the women’s 500 m, Shannon Rempel finished 15th. In Group B, Tamara Oudenaarden once again finished 6th, while Danielle Wotherspoon and Kerry Dankers (Melville, SK) ranked in 8th and 13th.

Canadian Justine L’Heureux (St. Tite, QC) did not skate the 500 m or the 1000 m, due to her unfortunate fall yesterday. However, L’Heureux raced in the 100 m, a distance only raced in the Sprint World Cups. L’Heureux skated to 36th. Shannon Rempel finished 21st. Danielle Wotherspoon and Tamara Oudenaarden finished 26th and 28th respectively and Dankers ranked 34th.

On the men’s side, in the 500m, Muncef Ouardi (Montreal, QC) finished 17th, improving on his performance from yesterday. In Division B, Jamie Gregg (Edmonton, AB) ended third in the group, getting him closer to the A division. Kyle Parrott (St. Albert, AB) finished 5th, also improving on his time from yesterday. Francois-Olivier Roberge (St. Nicolas, QC) and Denny Morrison (Fort St. John, BC) finished 7th and 8th.

In the men’s 1000m, Denny Morrison finished 7th. Francois-Olivier Roberge finished 0.14 seconds behind Morrison, ending up in 8th. For Roberge, this was his second top ten finish in as many days, proof he has regained his speed and abilities of two years ago. Muncef Ouardi and Philippe Riopel (Lachenaie, QC) finished 14th and 17th. In Group B, Kyle Parrott finished 4th.

Canadians put in a strong performance in the 100m. Ouardi and Gregg finished 7th and 8th. Francois-Olivier Roberge, Kyle Parrott and Denny Morrison finished 27th, 31st and 34th.

Team Canada continues its tour of Asia with the next stage in the World Cup, to be held in the city of Nagano, next weekend.