Hanly & Déry Canadian junior champions

Kate Hanly and François Déry, champions at Canadian Junior Long Track Championships

SASKATOON – Alberta’s Kate Hanly and Quebec’s François Déry were crowned today Canadian junior all-round champions at the Canadian Junior Long Track Championships at Saskatoon’s Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval. The Canada Cup 3 competition is also taking place this weekend in Saskatoon.

Hanly took the top spot with 174.375 points. She was first in each of her races: 500 metres (41.21 seconds); 1,000 metres (1:23.66); 1,500 metres (2:10.11); and, 3,000 metres (4:47.79). Heather McLean of Manitoba was second with 181.324 points and Josie Spence of B.C. was third with 181.326.

Déry was the best men’s junior skater, earning 166.435 points. He was first in the 3,000 metres (4:11.96) and 5,000 metres (7:15.89), as well as 10th (40.31) in the 500 metres and 15th in the 1,500 (2:01.63). François’ brother, Alexandre, was second with 167.820 points, followed by Quebec’s Daniel Dubreuil in third with 168.096 points.

Today’s races featured the women’s 1,000 and 3,000 metres, and men’s 1,500 and 5,000 metres. On Sunday, the men and women will compete in the second 500- and 1,000-metre distances, as well as the mass start (15 laps for women, 20 laps for men) for Canada Cup 3.

The junior sprint titles, determined Sunday, will be the cumulative of four races from the 500- and 1,000-metre distances.

Up to five junior men and women will represent Canada at the Junior World Cup in Calgary from Feb. 10-12 and the Essent ISU World Junior Championships in Obihiro, Japan, from March 2-4. Junior skaters must have reached the age of 14, but not the age of 19 by July 1, 2011, as well as meeting ISU standard requirements for each distance.

See Speed Skating Canada’s results and rankings page for complete results from Canadian Junior Long Track Championships and Canada Cup 3.

The Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club is hosting the two competitions on behalf of Speed Skating Canada and the Saskatchewan Amateur Speed Skating Association.