Job Posting - Long Track Coaching Position (Full-Time)

Position Description

Position Title: SSC / Olympic Oval Speed Skating Coach

Date: 8 April 2005

Term: May 15 2005 to April 30 2010 (subject to a 1 year probationary period and annual performance appraisal)

Consideration will also be given to a short term coaching appointment up to and including the 2006 Olympic Games period.


The recent announcement of Canada’s “Own The Podium” program has provided Winter National Sport Federation’s a unique opportunity to enhance the quality of coaching services delivered to their high performance athletes. This can be achieved by increasing the number of high quality coaches responsible for the development of our National and Development Team skaters.

Speed Skating Canada and the Olympic Oval are committed to ensuring that skaters training at the Olympic Oval are provided with the highest quality of coaching services.

Primary job purpose:

Develop and implement training and competition programs that enhance the performance levels of skaters training at the Olympic Oval. The specific training group will be determined based upon the skill set of the successful applicant.

The successful applicant will be expected to complement the skill sets of the respective coaches already engaged in the SSC / Oval speed skating programs and is expected to work in close consultation with the other coaches to ensure a collective “Team” approach to the development of all the speed skaters training at the Olympic Oval is implemented.

The Olympic Oval also plays host to a number of international skaters who train at the Olympic Oval for various periods of time. Speed Skating Canada and the Olympic Oval welcomes applications from coaches who are also able to attract high quality international level skaters to the Olympic Oval that complement Speed Skating Canada’s National Team skaters.

Position Responsibility:

1. Program Development and Planning

• The position requires a high level of technical expertise, vision, leadership, and decision-making ability to develop and implement a program that will achieve the goals of the SSC / Olympic Oval Long Track Program. The position works within a team-coaching environment, along with 7 other full time Long Track Speed Skating coaches and is supported by part time coaching staff (3 additional P.T. coaches) and Olympic Oval/Canadian Sport Centre-Calgary specialists.

• In consultation with the other LT speed skating coaches and Sports Science and Medicine providers establish a comprehensive annual Performance Enhancement Team (PET) service plan that details the service requirements and desired outcomes that will lead to improved athlete performance.

2. Coaching and Training:

• Direct coaching, interaction and evaluation of Oval Program athletes.

• Creates well thought out training plans and periodizes various aspects of the program to maximize potential benefits with the ultimate objective of developing athletes for National or National Development teams for Speed Skating Canada.

• Develops and implements programs, technical and equipment aspects, and executes such plans with a holistic approach to athlete development.

• Assists and conducts Summer Training Camp(s) for Oval Athletes.

• Conducts Summer Camps in Provinces associated with the Olympic Oval Long Track Program athletes.

• Provides Provincial Branches reports as required

• Providing video analysis of technique and race strategies to help athlete's progress.

• Providing additional support when necessary to all level athletes in the Long Track Program.

• Providing support and understanding between international skaters and the Olympic Oval.


The position is ultimately responsible to the SSC High Performance Director for program related matters. However, Speed Skating Canada operates in a partnership with the Olympic Oval so that the day to day management of this position and the other speed skating program in undertaken by the Olympic Oval’s Associate Director for Sport.

Qualifications and skills:

Proven skills in the development of athletes from junior provincial representation to national and development team programs; and / or proven skills in coaching skaters to achieve international success.

Fully certified NCCP Level 3 or equivalent international qualification

A university degree in kinesiology or related field is desirable

Exceptional communication skills

A strong commitment to the holistic development of skaters.

Ability to work independently and as part of a coaching team.

Bilingualism is an asset

Terms and Conditions:

Speed Skating Canada is committed to funding for this position for the period 15 May 2005 to 30 April 2010.

The specific length of contract (short term 1 year appointment or longer term through to 2010) will be determined on the basis of the applications that are received.

Prospective applicants should clearly indicate in their application if they wish to be considered for a short term appointment that includes the 2006 Olympic period or a longer term appointment that includes the 2010 Olympic period.

For a longer term appointment the first year of this position is probationary. Following a successful performance appraisal a further 4 year term of employment may be offered.

The successful person will be employed by Speed Skating Canada in accordance with the organizations employment policy ADM 300. (

The salary range for this position will be commensurate with the skills and qualifications of the successful applicant.


Applications close April 24th , 2005 with interviews scheduled for May 4th.

Applications should be submitted to:

Emery Holmik

High Performance Director

Speed Skating Canada

402 / 2781 Lancaster Street

Ottawa, ON, K1B 1A7 CANADA


Fax: +1 613 260 3660

Further Information:

For further information on Speed Skating Canada please see our website:

For further information on the Olympic Oval please see the Oval website:

This position is made possible with financial support from the Government of Canada