New Deadline: Volunteers interested in sport safety wanted

Speed Skating Canada is seeking highly motivated and knowledgeable individuals with a strong interest in enhancing the safety of speed skaters and the speed skating environment to volunteer as part Speed Skating Canada’s Sport Injury and Medical Emergency Committee (SIMEC).

We are currently seeking an individual to act as Chairperson of SIMEC, as well as “Task Group Leaders” and/or “Task Group Members” in the following areas:

  1. Injury Surveillance (Leader and Members),
  2. Safety Education, Promotion and Awareness (Members),
  3. Protective Equipment (Members), and
  4. Medical Emergency Management and Response (Leader and Members).

The purpose of SIMEC Task Groups is to contribute specific expertise and capacity to enable SIMEC to fulfill its mandate. Task Groups are accountable to SIMEC, with Task Group Leaders expected to regularly report activities to SIMEC and participate in an annual in-person meeting used to set work plan priorities. For full description of positions consult:

Interested individuals should forward their CV and a short letter explaining their interest in this role to Douglas Duncan (, Director of Leadership Education no later than October 31st, 2012 (NEW DEADLINE). All applicants will receive a confirmation of receipt of application and an email follow-up with regards to next steps.

For individuals expressing interest in assuming the role of Chairperson and/or that of a Task Group Leader the follow-up steps may include a Skype meeting with SSC’s CEO, the Director of Leadership Education and the current SIMEC Chairperson who will make the final recommendation of appointment to SSC’s Board of Directors. All qualified applicants will also be considered as potential members or leaders of task groups, as well as regular SIMEC members.