Olympic Short Track Speed Skaters Bring Smiles to Sainte-Justine’s Little Patients

Four Canadian Short Track Speed Skating Olympians including double gold medalist Charles Hamelin, double silver medalist Marianne St-Gelais, gold medalist Guillaume Bastille and Valérie Maltais stopped by Sainte-Justine’s hospital for sick children, today, to help celebrate the Kid and Hospital’s week.

Marianne St-Gelais and Charles Hamelin during their visit at Sainte-Justine; Photo: Mylène Croteau
The short track speed skaters just saw their season come to an end with the presentation of the World Short Track Championships, where Hamelin captured two silver and one gold medal. Athletes can now enjoy a month of much needed break, and Hamelin, St-Gelais, Bastille and Maltais figured there was no better way to start this time off than to give back to their community.

The visit was a huge success with the young patients of Sainte-Justine, whose eyes shone at the sight of Olympic and World Championship medals. The athletes and kids shared some laughs and encouragements. The four speed skaters were impressed by the courage and attitude of those they visited.

“This is a cause close to my heart,” explained Charles Hamelin. “We work hard for our sport, but these kids, they work for their health, for their lives, so it’s so much more important. We’re here to give them some encouragement and bring smiles to their faces.”

“It’s amazing to see how strong they are,” added Marianne St-Gelais. “They’re full of life and it’s really encouraging for us as well to see them and their positive attitude.”

There is no doubt that the athletes will keep these images in mind next time they face a difficult time in their career.