Regina’s Lucas Makowsky in top-10 at world junior long track speed skating championships

Olympian Havard Bokko of Norway dominated the men’s 3,000 metre race Friday to take a commanding lead in the men’s overall standings at the world junior championships in long track speed skating.

Lucas Makowsky of Regina was the top Canadian placing seventh in the 3,000 to stand seventh overall after two of four distances.

In the 3,000, Bokko clocked 3:45.51 less than second off the track record set by two-time Olympic champion Gianne Romme of the Netherlands in 2004. He was also seven seconds ahead of Wouter Olde Heuvel of the Netherlands in second at 3:52.28.

In the overall standings, Bokko has 74.404 points, Alexandr Zhigin of Kazakhstan is second at 75.758 and Tae-Bum Mo of South Korea, the 500 winner, is third at 75.996. Makowsky was also 12th in the 500 and has tabulated 76.505 points.

‘’This is the kind of start I wanted,’’ said Makowsky, a substitute on last year’s team who saw his three 2005 teammates compete at the Turin Olympics. ‘’I’m pleased with how I came back from the 500. I didn’t put too much pressure on myself for the 3,000 but I knew I needed a good one to climb back in the standings. The 3,000 has been a good race for me this year.’’

Aaron Sadler of Regina was 21st in the 500 and 14th in the 3,000 to stand 18th overall and Philippe Riopel of Lachenaie, Que., was ninth in the 500 and 32nd in the 3,000 for 21st overall.

‘’I feel really comfortable right now with my sprints,’’ said Riopel, 17, making his international debut. ‘’I had a very good pair for that race and I knew if I would stay close to him I’d have a very good result. In the 3,000 I started off too strong and paid for it at the end.’’

The women raced one 500-metre event which was won by You-Lim Kim of South Korea in 39.48 seconds. Justine L’Heureux of St-Tite, Que., was ninth, Nicole Garrido of Edmonton 18th and Kirsti Lay of Medicine Hat, Alta., 20th.

‘’I could have gained a tenth of a second here and there but I was pleased with the race,’’ said l’Heureux, 16th overall last year. ‘’The big races for me are coming up so its good to see I’m on track for a top-10 overall finish.’’

Competition continues through to Sunday.

Friday’s results at the long track speed skating world junior championships at Erfurt, Germany (all distances in metres);


500: 1. Tae-Bum Mo, South Korea, 35.83; 2. Igor Nefedyev, Russia, 36.48; 3. Alexandr Zhigin, Kazakhstan, 36.80; 9. Philippe Riopel, Lachenaie, Que., 37.20; 12. Lucas Makowsky, Regina, 37.30; 21. Aaron Sadler, Regina, 37.98.

3,000: 1. Havard Bokko, Norway, 3:45.51; 2. Wouter Olde Heuvel, Netherlands, 3:52.28; 3. Ted Jan Bloemen, Netherlands, 3:52.84; 7. Makowsky, 3:55.23; 14. Sadler, 3:58.41; 32. Riopel, 4:04.93.

Overall (after two of four distances): 1. Bokko, 74.404 points; 2. Zhigin, 75.758; 3. Mo, 75.996; 7. Makowsky, 76.505; 18. Sadler, 77.715; 21. Riopel, 78.021.


500: You-Lim Kim, South Korea, 39.48; 2. Ju-Youn Lee, South Korea, 40.38; 3. Jinjin Xu, China, 40.40; 9. Justine L’Heureux, St-Tite, Que., 41.08; 18. Nicole Garrido, Edmonton, 41.44; 20. Kirsti Lay, Medicine Hat, Alta., 41.46.