Save the Oval Association to Present 9,000 plus Signature Petition to HRM Council on Tuesday; Details of Six Figure Donation to be Announced

The Save the Oval Association will go to City Hall on Tuesday to present a petition with over 9,000 signatures in support of Saving the Oval on the Halifax Common to HRM Council. At 12:45 p.m. in front of City Hall, The Association will formally hand the petition to Halifax Downtown Councillor Dawn Sloane for presentation to Council.

"This petition reflects the overwhelming support that exists all over HRM and beyond for keeping this wonderful community centre piece for use for many years to come," said Save the Oval Association President Andrew Feenstra. "We have received signatures of support from all over Canada and Beyond."

Councillor Sloane expressed her excitement over the petition and highlighted its importance. "This petition will send a powerful message to Council that people from all over the municipality see the value and importance of the Oval and want to see it stay," said Sloane. "Hopefully this will add to the momentum at Council to come up with the right plan to make the Oval sustainable and practical for years to come."

After the petition is presented, the Association will hold a brief press conference to reveal the details of a signficant funding commitment which was first announced last week. "As noted last week, we will reveal the details of an incredible commitment in the neighborhood of $100,000 toward the ongoing operation of the Oval," said Save the Oval Fundraising Director Dr. John Gillis

The Save the Oval Association has also raised over $3000 from individual donations from many donors from a variety of locations. Gillis also expressed his pleasure at the new commitments of support which are coming every day.

"I was very pleased to see my colleagues Dr. John Ross and Dr. Dale Clayton highlight the important health benefits the Oval can provide in an article in the Chronicle Herald, and make a major commitment of $1,000 each of their own money toward Saving the Oval," said Gillis. "We will work with these physicians to engage the broader health care community and others to take Dr. Ross and Dr. Clayton's challenge of matching the $1,000 donations."

Gillis also noted a recent commitment of $25,000 from the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association. "The Nova Scotia Home Builders Association is pleased to commit $5,000 per year over 5 years to make sure the Save the Oval project has sustainable funding and goes forward for the community. This is a wonderful initiative and we challenge other businesses and associations to follow our lead in helping to Save the Oval," said Paul Pettipas, CEO of the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association.

"We will continue to work hard to bring as many individuals, groups, and business to the table to create a strong coalition and plan to Save the Oval," said Feenstra. "With the levels of support we are seeing with the petition and funding commitments, we hope to make it very hard for the city to say no, and as easy as possible for them to come up with a sustainable plan to Save the Oval," concluded Feenstra.

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