Second gold for Clara Hughes & Arne Dankers at Canadian single distance championships

Olympic champion Clara Hughes of Winnipeg and Arne Dankers of Calgary each collected their second gold medal on Sunday to conclude the Canadian single distance championships in long track speed skating.

In the women's 5,000 metres, Hughes clocked six minutes and 59.15 seconds for the victory. She also won the 3,000 on Friday. Cindy Klassen of Winnipeg, also a double victor at these championships, was second in 7:02.21 and Shannon Sibold of Calgary third in 7:25.20.

"I'm really pleased to go below seven minutes," said Hughes. "This whole week has been a great stepping stone to the rest of the season. I'm in race mode now and I know every time I step on the line I can improve. I'm looking forward to getting back on the international scene."

In the men's 10,000, Dankers took the crown in 13:25.27. Steven Elm of Red Deer, Alta., was second in 13:36.25 and Mark Jesney of Saskatoon third in 13:40.83. Dankers, a member of Canada's silver medal winning pursuit team in Turin, won the 5,000 on Friday.

"The last 10 laps were pretty good," said Dankers, who was breaking in a new pair skates this week. "I was able to keep my focus and I didn't worry too much about split times. In a race like the 10 km, it's very important to find a rhythm. I feel my racing is very solid right now and I'm on track for a successful second half of the season."

The nationals were used as a selection event for the world sprint championships, the winter World Cups and the continental championships which is a qualifier for the all around worlds.

Sunday's results at the Canadian single distance championships in long track speed skating:


10,000: 1. Arne Dankers, Calgary, 13:25.27; 2. Steven Elm, Red Deer, Alta., 13:36.25; 3. Mark Jesney, Saskatoon, 13:40.83; 4. Lucas Makowsky, Regina, 13:48.05; 5. Justin Warsylewicz, Regina, 13:48.38; 6. Jay Morrison, Fort St. John, B.C., 14:03.07; 7. Neal Zaluski, Moose Jaw, Sask., 14:03.23; 8. Dan Adlam, Brampton, Ont., 14:11.92.


5,000: 1. Clara Hughes, Winnipeg, 6:59.15; 2. Cindy Klassen, Winnipeg, 7:02.21; 3. Shannon Sibold, Calgary, 7:25.20; 4. Tara Risling, Medicine Hat, Alta., 7:26.97; 5. Nicole Garrido, Edmonton, 7:33.70; 6. Brittany Schussler,
Winnipeg, 7:37.04.