Speed Skating Canada announces departure of high performance director Emery Holmik

Speed Skating Canada (SSC) announced today that its High Performance Director Emery Holmik is leaving the organization to return to his homeland and work at the high performance centre in Canberra, Australia.

Holmik, 47, joined Speed Skating Canada in November 2002 bringing more than 15 years of experience in various high performance management positions in the Australian sport system. He officially leaves his post with SSC on June 21.

He will relocate to Canberra this summer where he’ll be the manager at the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Academy of Sport.

‘’It’s been a tremendous experience both personally and professionally in Canada,’’ said Holmik, whose two children were born in Canada. ‘’The whole four years here has been the highlight for me culminating with our great performance in Turin. We have decided to return to Australia mainly for family reasons.’’

SSC Director General Jean R. Dupré says Holmik has left a lasting legacy.

‘’Emery implemented solid high performance structures that will serve us for years to come,’’ said Dupré. ‘’He made a lot of friends in the speed skating community and will be missed greatly. Emery’s legacy enable’s us to continue our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence program into 2010 and beyond.’’

Gregg Planert, the Chairman High Performance Committee-Long Track, said Holmik played a key role in Canada’s international success.

‘’Emery helped raise the bar for the long track program by giving us his expertise from the Australian high performance sport system,’’ Planert said. ‘’He will be missed by our skaters, coaches and service providers that he’s helped over the last four years.’’

Tom Overend, the Chairman High Performance Committee- Short Track, echoed Planert’s sentiments.

‘’He has done a tremendous job,’’ said Overend. ‘’He earned respect for his professional approach, knowledge, organizational skills, leadership, creativity and sense of fair play. The solid high performance infrastructure he created will sustain us well in the years ahead.’’

Speed Skating Canada also announced that Roch Pilon, Manager Marketing/Communications, is also leaving the organization on May 19. He has taken the Marketing Director position for Biathlon Canada.

‘’Roch has contributed immensely to our communications within Speed Skating Canada and has helped better position our sport with the media,’’ said Dupré. ‘’He brought a new level of professionalism in our communication and marketing services activities.’’

Openings for both positions will be posted and SSC hopes to fill them this spring.

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