Speed Skating Canada launches Competition & Event System Review

Over the past decade, Canadian speed skaters have been some of the most dominant athletes in the world. As this generation of athletes is actively preparing for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Speed Skating Canada is taking steps to ensure that the next generation will continue to dominate internationally in line with its stated 2020 vision.

With the objective to remain Canada’s number one sport, Speed Skating Canada is pleased to announce a review of the speed skating competition and event system in Canada. The purpose of the Review is to enhance the speed skating experience for participants of all ages and to ensure that our system is aligned with the principles espoused in Speed Skating Canada’s Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). The recommendations will be designed to ensure the speed skating system is founded on Speed Skating Canada’s Values and the principles for sport espoused by the True Sport Foundation. In reviewing the Terms of Reference for the Competition and Events System Review Team, Speed Skating Canada’s President Marie-Claire Rouleau indicated “I am very pleased with the in initiative taken by the LTAD Working Group in the important element of participant developement and would like to re-affirm the full support of the Board of directors of this process and our commitment to LTAD”

The Review will be conducted by the Competition and Events System Review Team which has been established by the LTAD Implementation Working Group, the members of which are noted below. The Terms of Reference for the Review Team may be viewed by following the link to the Long Term Athlete Development section on Speed Skating Canada’s website noted below.

The Review recommendations and related program proposals will presented at the 2009 Speed Skating Canada AGM in Richmond, BC. For more information regarding the review process please consult the LTAD section of SSC’s website at www.speedskating.ca or contact Douglas Duncan, Project Manager at dduncan@speedskating.ca.

Competition and Event System Review Team members:
Jim McClements – Team Leader
Istvan Balyi – Canadian Sport for Life Expert Group Consultant
Douglas Duncan – Project Manager
Steve Harris
David Gilday
Nicole Slot
Dany Lemay
Sean Ireland