Speed Skating Canada Thanks Lee McGreish as he Leaves Board of Directors

Speed Skating Canada (SSC) recognized Lee McGreish of Yellowknife, NT, at its Annual General Meeting last weekend. McGreish announced he was leaving SSC’s Board of Directors after serving on it for 11 years.

A special presentation was made at SSC’s Annual Awards Banquet in order to recognize publicly the hard work and dedication of Lee McGreish during his years of involvement with the sport. A member of the first Board of Directors following SSC’s restructuration in the late 1990’s, he has been instrumental in the restructuring and refocusing of the Board of Directors’ functions and responsibilities, which helped make Speed Skating Canada a leader in the amateur sports community.

“Lee McGreish brought a great amount of experience from the provincial / territorial and club level to SSC’s Board of Directors, having volunteered for many years with the Yellowknife Speed Skating Club and North West Territory Branch prior to joining the BoD,” said SSC’s President, Brian Bunney.

The countless hours that he has dedicated to the sport of speed skating throughout the years are to be commended. After serving on SSC’s Board of Directors for 11 years, McGreish now wants to give back to his club and return to his involvement at the grassroots level.

The Board of Directors of Speed Skating Canada will definitely miss Lee’s dedication and wish him luck in his future endeavors.