Speed Skating Canada's 2019-2020 Annual Report

This past year is one we will not soon forget at Speed Skating Canada.

As an organization, we made great strides toward the objectives of our 2018-2023 Strategic Plan. Our achievements in the areas of Sport Excellence and Organizational Excellence, accomplished in large part with the engagement and collaboration of our members, are highlighted in the pages of our 2019-2020 Annual Report.

We invite you read through the document and reflect on the progress we are making together. As we strive to grow speed skating across the country and build the strongest team possible for the 2022 Olympic Games and beyond, our mission to inspire and challenge Canada to thrive is becoming ever more important.

To all in our community who are navigating this road alongside us – our PTSOs, clubs, coaches, officials, volunteers, partners and athletes – we say thank you. We are honoured to have you as members of our larger team. We continue to find strength in your commitment to pushing our sport ever forward, your integrity and respect for one another, and your passion for achieving excellence on and off the ice.


Download: 2019-2020 SSC Annual Report