Strong performance by Canadian skaters at the World Sprint Championships in Moscow

After participating in Canada Cup #1 last week and then traveling over 7000 km, selected members of Canada’s long track team were set to partake in the World Sprint Championships in Moscow, Russia.

In the men’s 500m, Jamie Gregg (Edmonton, AB) finished 11th with a time of 35.67 seconds. Team-mates Kyle Parrott (St-Albert, AB) and Denny Morrison (Fort St. John, BC) ranked in 16th and 17th place with respective times of 35.89 seconds and 36.02 seconds.

In the 1000m, Morrison came in 7th, missing the podium by only six tenth of a second. Parrott was 16th, finishing 0.8 seconds behind Morrison. Jamie Gregg ranked in 18th place with a time of 1:10.89.

On the women’s side, Shannon Rempel (Winnipeg, MB) was 17th in the ladies’ 500m with a time of 39.41 seconds, 1.41 seconds behind the leader Jenny Wolf of Germany. Tamara Oudenaarden (St. Albert, AB) finished in 23rd place while Kerry Dankers (Melville, SK) ended in 24th place.

‘Technically the races weren’t bad but fatigue in the legs and a cold I am battling kind of resulted in something that I didn’t want. Tomorrow, I will focus on just doing things technically well as I can do and compensate for my body not feeling as good as I want,’ commented Rempel after her races.

In the ladies’ 1000m, Rempel finished 15th. Oudenaarden took 25th place and Dankers ended 26th with times of 1:20.84 and 1:21.01.

‘It’s hard to comment on today’s results as we arrived in Moscow very late this week. The skaters are tired and their bodies are still adapting to the jet lag. With a time difference of 10 hours with Calgary, when our skater were racing it was actually 4 am for them. I am confident they will quickly adapt and I am expecting races to be very good tomorrow. Let’s not forget that many of them raced just before coming to Moscow and the recovery time is not ideal,’ explained National Coach Xiuli Wang.

Tomorrow Canadian skaters will race again in the 500m and 1000m. Cumulative results of both days will be use to determine final standings.