Two-Time Olympian & long track speed skater Jamie Gregg Announces His Retirement

Two-time Olympian in 2010 and 2014 and long track speed skater Jamie Gregg announced his retirement today.

He officially announced it through his blog on the Team Icespire website, a group of aspiring athletes working to inspire the community, at
The 30-year-old Edmonton-born athlete took part in the 2010 and 2014 Olympic Games and raced the 500m in Vancouver and Sochi, finishing 8th and 11th respectively. Skating for Canada internationally over the past eight years, Jamie Gregg was the 500m National Champion five times from 2009 to 2015. In his career he competed in 34 World Cup events, winning a total of five World Cup medals; one gold, two silver and two bronze. Gregg competed in five World Sprint Championships, with his best overall result being fourth place in the 2013 event in Salt Lake City, U.S.A., in a performance that included two silver podium finishes in the 500m. He also competed in three World Single Distance Championships in 2009, 2011 and 2012.
Leading into this 2015-16 season, Gregg was faced with a tough decision as he was accepted into the University of Alberta Medical School.
“I am very happy going back to school to pursue medicine,” said Gregg. “It has only been a month, but already I am super excited about what the future holds.”
“I do feel kind of lucky because I never got to the point in speed skating where I didn’t want to go to the rink for whatever reason. I was able to enjoy skating up until my last day on the ice and I’m not sure a lot of people can really say that. I will continue to follow the Canadian team and cheer them on, but so far I have felt no regret over my decision.”
Along with his teammates who were also a very big part of his life and career as a speed skater,
Gregg singles out his coach from the past seven years, Mike Crowe, as being a key player in his success. Combined with the fundamentals he learned from his mother as a youngster, Gregg believes that Crowe was able to show him how to use those fundamentals to take his speed to the next level.

“My coaches also instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of being mentally tough as well as technically proficient. I definitely would not have been an international level skater without the fabulous coaching that I received over the years,” explains Gregg.

“Jamie was a competitor, he always brought his best on race day. He was a gamer,” explains Crowe, currently Speed Skating Canada’s Long Track National Team Head Coach. “He took the little steps every day to make the big steps. He was a great guy to coach. Jamie was very adaptable and was able to take the information I gave him and was able to apply it immediately.”
As one of the veterans on the Canadian Long Track Team, Gregg was seen as a quiet yet powerful leader.
“He was a very professional athlete in his approach to skating. His character was reliable and his commitment was impressive. He was not always vocal, but was a true leader by example in his commitment to achieving the vision he set with his coach and his team”, explains Derek Robinson CSI Calgary Mental Performance Consultant with the team.

All in the Family
It seems that Jamie Gregg was born to skate. With his father, Randy Gregg, who played in the National Hockey League and represented Canada in the Olympics and his mother, Kathy (Vogt) Gregg, who was also a two-time Olympian long track speed skater, Jamie was gifted with outstanding genes. His mother was his first speed skating coach, but he eventually gave it up to follow in his father’s footsteps in hockey. Years later, Canada’s Own the Podium program reached out to Jamie asking if he would be interested in returning to the sport of speed skating.
“I learned so much about sport from both of them, both on and off the ice, and would never have considered taking the sport back up at 22 years old if not for their unconditional support. Thank you for everything Mom and Dad.”
When he returned to long track speed skating, he quickly improved and soon found himself teammates with his sister, Short Track Olympian Jessica Gregg.
“He is one of the most dedicated skaters to training and racing that I know,” said Jessica. “We all looked up to him because of how hard he worked, how focused he was, how determined and how competitive he is, all in a positive way. He’s going to be just as competitive and determined in med school as he was in skating.”
Gregg credits his career in skating with meeting his wife, Danielle Wotherspoon, mother of their nine month old son Asher.
“Thank you to both of them for keeping me grounded and reminding me about what is really important in life,” he says.
With his family close, Gregg is also thankful to have a strong support system to rely on.
“I was also very lucky in that the rest of my family was always around in Calgary and I was able to live with all of them at one point and train with both my sisters as well. Family is so important to me and having them around made things so much easier on me,” explains Gregg.
Jamie Gregg also extends a heartfelt thank you to his personal sponsors Gregg Distributors and Kaenon, Speed Skating Canada’s longtime sponsor Intact Insurance and National Program Athlete assistance providers CSI Calgary and CAN Fund.
More details and the complete schedule are available on Speed Skating Canada’s website at

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